June 28 – Day 49 – Wednesday

June 28 – Day 49 – Wednesday

Psalm 55:1
Give ear to my prayer, O God;
and hide not thyself from my supplication.

The frequency of such petitions shows the great earnestness of David’s soul. If God did not hear and help, he knew he could not succeed elsewhere; therefore he continues to knock at the gate of God’s mercy. Clarke’s Commentary


Our second day on Jekyll Island
Nothing exciting.happened.

I did laundry in the morning, sheets, throw rugs, and clothes.
At 9:30 already warm and sticky
Clothes in washer,
I sit in the car with engine having devotions

what I see.
One load in a dryer didn’t dry at all. Grrrr
Change dryers and another $1.75 and another 45 minutes.

We put away clothes and with the Farmer’s help
remade the bed, clean sheets with feel good tonight.

We went  grocery shopping.

We sat outside,
listened to the birds, people and dogs
dozed and hoped for no sunburn,
read, ate dinner, and checked
to see the world was still turning,
according to Facebook, it was.

Our chairs were Christmas present from Mary.


Sequence was the game tonight.

the Farmer is ahead 10 games to 6.

Good night.

The Morning and the Evening of the forty-ninth day.

June 27 – Day 48 – Tuesday

June 27 – Day 48 – Tuesday

Psalm 54:7
For he hath delivered me out of all trouble:
and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

My eye hath seen my enemies – they have been so near that I could plainly discover them. I have seen them, and yet they were not permitted to approach me. God has been my Deliverer. Clarke’s Commentary


Jekyll Island.

We stayed here our last journey, 2007.
It was October,
park almost empty
weather cool. . .

2017 JUNE
Thunder storms
hot and muggy
lots of people
kids on bikes
and dogs.
Can you guess which month I like the best?

I slept in.
the Farmer kept his normal schedule.

I wrote 2 blog posts.
and checked the worlds
of Facebook, gmail and Instagram,
and used up all my game lives.

the Farmer and I played Sequence.

tied 4 to 4.

I even forgot to take a picture out my window
(I know, boring)

The Morning and the Evening of the forty-eighth day.

June 26 – Day 47 – Monday

June 26 – Day 47 – Monday

Psalm 52:8
But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God:
I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

The wicked man trusts in his riches: I trust in my God. He, like a bad tree, bringing forth poisonous fruit, shall be cursed, and pulled up from the roots; I, like a healthy olive in a good soil, shall, under the influence of God’s mercy, bring forth fruit to his glory. As the olive is ever green, so shall I flourish in the mercy of God forever and ever. Clarke’s Commentary


Sesquicentennial State Park, SC
We like staying at state parks.
The parks have quiet, clean campsites,
water and 30 amp electrical
without the extras we don’t use
at about half the cost.

Checking with Google
I found an antique mall, The Ivy House,
about 5 miles from the park.

Very clean, light and lots to see.

We found a thimble,
white ceramic with purple violets.
This spring the violets were so beautiful,
white and purple ones.

No matter how far we journey,
my heart is still anchored at Cozy Acres,

The last couple days
we have traveled on freeways.
Today we are back on secondary roads.
The roads aren’t bad

but we still find tree tunnels.

I love looking at the old buildings.
Time, weather, life has left its mark.

I would treasure the stories.

Couldn’t you just see, Sister Diana
paint this building in Goven, SC?

Georgia on my mind. 4:45 pm

We crossed this bridge to get gas in Brunswick, GA.

It is a really cool bridge.

and down to the entrance

of Jekyll Island.

Again, a long day.
We’ve arrived safely.

The Morning and Evening of the forty-seventh day.

June 25 – Day 46 – Sunday

June 25 – Day 46 – Sunday

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God;
and renew a right spirit within me.

Mending will not avail; my heart is altogether corrupted; it must be new made, made as it was in the beginning. This is exactly the sentiment of St. Paul: Neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation; and the salvation given under the Gospel dispensation is called a being created anew in Christ Jesus.
. . . a noble spirit. a free, generous, princely spirit; cheerfully giving up itself to thee; no longer bound and degraded by the sinfulness of sin. Clarke’s Commentary

On the way out of camp.

I should have taken yesterday’s thimble as a warning.

Dear Ones,
Today started off real, not a honeymoon,
the Grannie pointed 90 degrees off,
the Farmer pointed 180 degrees off,
silence fell,
the Farmer went outside with a map,
looking for the dumpster!
the Farmer returned –
silence reigned.

Later (2 examples are enough)

freeway from the north 77 is making a sweeping left turn
at the same time freeway from the west 81 is joining
‘directions said exit left, continuing left merging with 77/81’
(kinda what it said – to allow for goof I’ve changed the map,
to bring to exact mileage and time)
the Farmer started in left exit,
then turned right onto 81,
missed the first exit,
had to drive about 20 miles
round trip to bring back where we started.

Why because roads don’t exit to the left,
it didn’t make since.
again, silence,
and a stop to look at the map.

Seeing the map with all the turns did show the sense,
that words couldn’t.

I turned to the Rose of Sharon,
that perfect Lily of the Valley,
who bends His head low to our needs,
(trusting the Farmer was doing the same)
The Rose of Sharon was watching,
was waiting,
was listening,
was hoping
we would bring it to Him,
asking Him to anoint our day with His anointing
” like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard,
even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”
Psalm 133:2,1.

Learning to lean on Christ,
learning to be still,
in the hard silence,
learning to reject impatient scornful thoughts,
isn’t an easy class to master.
And graduation only arrives
as we cross the river to heaven.

We’ve had fifty years of doing battle,
not against flesh and blood,
but against those things that rise up
and war against the soul and the marriage.
Not all days have been like today,
when I fought a good fight.

The reason for this quite long airing of personal strife
leads up to our thimble hunt.

Thimble from Virginia is a very humble, rather ugly tin thimble.

It is large, dented, rusty, mis-shaped
and doesn’t look like it would fit any finger well.
Sent to remind me that the battle scars are worth it all.

thimble from North Carolina is white ceramic,
clean and pure, with a single pink rose.

I don’t know what color a Rose of Sharon is
but I hope it is pink.

Disclosure: the Farmer read this before publishing,
he thought it all wasn’t such a big deal;
which again shows Mars and Venus.

from West Virginia to Virginia 10:09 am

there was light at the end of the tunnel

and into Virginia

Virginia countryside

At a Virginia rest stop

and into North Carolina
along the freeway large beds of yellow day lilies,
with new beds being dug in center divide area

Cheaper gas!
Most gas has been $2.35 and up
and we fill up when the gas gauge reaches
quarter of a tank, about every 220 miles.
depending on the terrain. Averaging 9+ mpg.

and into South Carolina

Overlooking a field next to the freeway.

the Farmer bought gas here
two blocks down the street, it was $185.9
and after a long day to our campsite,
Sesquicentennial State Park, SC

The view from my window

The Morning and Evening of the forty-sixth day.

June 24 – Day 45 – Saturday

June 24 – Day 45 – Saturday

Psalm 50:14-15
Offer unto God thanksgiving;
and pay thy vows unto the most High:
And call upon me in the day of trouble:
I will deliver thee,
and thou shalt glorify me.


Without the rain!

Always wildflowers

We found our thimble.

It says ‘Mountains Today are Molehills Tomorrow’


West Virginia

We’ve seen some really tall cell towers.

Some states they were every half mile,
less populated states didn’t have the need.

And another flag

one homestead in a meadow, WV

Camp Creek, WV

View from My window

The Morning and the Evening of the forty-fifth day.

June 23 – Day 44 – Friday

June 23 – Day 44 – Friday

Psalm 49:8
(For the redemption of their soul is precious,
and it ceaseth for ever:)

It is of too high a price to be redeemed with corruptible things, such as silver or gold, and has required the sacrificial death of Christ.
Clarke’s Commentary

We driven lots of road construction

I handle cones much easier than barriers

I always lean left,
not that it helps any more than the groove
I’ve made in footrest with braking.

This rest stop was the prettiest so far,
the picnic area views:

corn field


corn and ripen wheat

I got a picture of half the Maryland state sign. I like flag blowing in the wind.

This sign says it all.
Thimble hunting in Maryland.

A barn and evergreen trees –
we have seen this scene in every state, I think.

These steeples were so neat to see from the highway, probably within a 3-4 block area in town.

And the rains came,
at times it just poured,
think Georgia summer rain storms!

A rainy Hello, West virginia

We were very glad to arrive at Chestnut Ridge Park and Campground,
Monongalia County Park, Bruceton, WV.
the Farmer had to set up the trailer
in the rain for the first time.
He broke in my new slicker!

A wet view from my window

No 30-amp electricity or water ,
generator was out,
repairmen on their way.
No internet.
Phones almost dead.
Could use battery lights,
so relaxing and reading was our choice.
Electricity came on at 11:30 pm,
plugged in phones and closed the books.

The Morning and Evening of the forty-fourth day.

June 22 – Day 43 – Thursday

June 22 – Day 43 – Thursday

Psalm 48:8
As we have heard,
so have we seen in the city of the LORD of hosts,
in the city of our God: God will establish it for ever.

Our fathers have declared what mighty works thou didst in their time; and we have seen the same. God has often interposed and afforded us a most miraculous defense.
So be it; and so it will be for evermore.
Clarke’s Commentary


Look! What I found in the fire pit.

A wooden spoon.

We entered New York again at 12:00pm

It what happens when you drive around a country
and West Virginia needs a visit.

At a scenic overlook
I made a video of what I saw.
I haven’t figured how to put a video
into YouTube so I can add it to a post.

I did get pictures of wildflowers

I don’t know why but soy bean plants
were planted among the flowers
Maybe because most people won’t stop
by a field to see the plants, with purple blossons and pea pods on the plant at the same time. It is really quite pretty.

the Farmer thought is mailbox was worth noting.

We were in New Jersey for 30 minutes
just a little dip from New York to Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania gets a second visit also

Tree tunnels, miles and miles of tree tunnels.

Everything in the spring is so green,
trees, lawns, weeds, corn fields.

I found thimbles in New York and Pennsylvania
on our first time through these states.

At Four Seasons Campground, Scotrun, PA

The view from my window.

The Morning and Evening of the forty-third day.

June 21 – Day 42 – Wednesday

June 21 – Day 42 – Wednesday

Psalm 47:6
Sing praises to God,
sing praises:
sing praises unto our King,
sing praise

. . . this word is four times repeated in this short verse, and shows at once the earnestness and happiness of the people. They are the words of exultation and triumph. Feel your obligation to God; express it in thanksgiving: be thankful, be eternally thankful, to God your King.
Clarke’s Commentary

A neighbor, I saw while drinking hot chocolate

LOOK! Hitchhikers!

Yesterday was pretty stressful,
I kept making mistakes navigating.
Today was more relaxing.

Good Morning, Rhode Island 9:37

Huge dogwood trees in the New England States

Interesting buildings

lovely homes

A thimble found at

Estate’s Services, west Warwick, RI
this shape I haven’t seen

and a butterfly
??gypsy moth caterpillars??
a real neat shop
could have spent time browsing.
We also bought a magnifying glass =
Rand McNalley’s map print is really small.

a church

a barn

a flag

Good afternoon, Connecticut 12:45pm
Willimantic, CT

Found a thimble at this fun shop, Rajean’s

Connecticut – Uncle Bob is on our minds

A metal thimble with a green Irish shamrock.

We arrived at Hemlock Hill Camp Resort,
Litchfield CT,about 4:20.

Then we missed our campsite
went down a wrong road
to the tent site area

and couldn’t get out
the Farmer has gotten us out of some very tight spots
but this one was too much
He had to unhitch the trailer
and the camp’s mini excavator
turned the trailer around,
we re-hitched
and went meekly to our spot.
The camp workers had a good laugh
one said
‘I’ve never seen someone pull a trailer back here before.’

Our view finally

The Morning and the Evening of the forty-second day.

June 20 – Day 41 – Tuesday

June 20 – Day 41 – Tuesday

Psalm 46:11
The LORD of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Having heard these declarations of God, the people cry out with joy and exultation, The Lord of hosts, the God of armies, is with us; we will not fear what man can do unto us.
Selah – This is a firm, lasting, unshaken, well-tried truth.
Clarke’s Commentary

along the way

Object lesson:
One may cut down a tree
but if the root is not removed
it may grow leaves again.

Hi Massachusetts, 11:13

5 miles after crossing Mass state line

you’ll enter Lowell, MA.

We recommend visiting

the Boott Cotton Mill Museum

processing cotton to cloth

and the industrial revolution.

The Working People Museum

about the women who worked in the mill,

showing how the ‘mill girls’ lived

and and immigrants coming and their struggles.

The New England Quilt Museum

enuff’ said.
No Mass thimble
I’ll make a tiny fabric bolt
from a piece of the cloth
I purchased made on a weaving machine.


Chicken Marsala for me
and a large house salad and grilled veggies
for the Farmer
Perfect dinner for two!

Our stop for the night

no internet,
no phone service
simple pleasures

Our first campfire


And fellow campers

gypsy moth caterpillars

scads for hungry caterpillars!

A peaceful evening

and final coals

The Evening and the Morning of the forty-first day.

June 19 – Day 40 – Monday

June 19 – Day 40 – Monday

Psalm 44:1
We have heard with our ears, O God,
our fathers have told us,
what work thou didst in their days,
in the times of old.

The psalmist begins with recounting the marvellous interpositions of God in behalf of the Jewish people, that he might the better strengthen his confidence, and form a ground on which to build his expectation of additional help. Clarke’s Commentary

My Uncle Billy Ripley, my mother’s brother,
was discharged from the Navy in 1947

at Old Orchard Beach.

The sand was two-toned, the darker was
much more coarse than the light.

I really wanted to see his special memory.

70 years later –
Old Orchard Beach is a tourist town
with blocks of hotel/motels, eateries
and a large carnival boardwalk like Santa Cruz
with a much better beach

I got my feet wet

I went thimble hunting at a tourist type shop

I wanted a thimble with a lighthouse,
when I think of Maine, I think lighthouses.

A lighthouse and Old Orchard Beach

Portland Head Lighthouse

and the Atlantic Ocean

Three mile long, Crescent Beach

bay like bodega Bay with small waves

the holy donut, Scarborough, Maine

YEP! it’s a place to stop.

Donuts made with local mashed potatoes
King Arthur’s flour and no preservatives.

the Farmer’s on left Pomegranate frosted,
and mine Maple with real Bacon Bits.

the Farmer’s on left Sweet Potato/Ginger glazed
and mine Dark Chocolate/Sea Salt.

we tried Maine Lobster Rolls
(even Mickey D’s has Lobster rolls in Maine)

a grilled on both sides hot dog bun

filled with lobster chunks with a little mayo.

Sorry, Mainers, we were not impressed.

My view at Exeter Elm Family Camp,
Exeter, New Hampshire.

The Morning and Evening of the fortieth day.