July 1 – Day 52 – Saturday

July 1 – Day 52 – Saturday

Psalm 58:11
So that a man shall say,
Verily there is a reward for the righteous:
verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth.

That is, people, seeing these just judgments of God, shall say, There is a reward . . . to the righteous man. He has not sown his seed in vain; he has not planted and watered in vain: he has the fruit of his labors, he eats the fruit of his doings. Clarke’s Commentary


Saturday spent in errands.

Getting the car serviced.

Moving trailer to new spot
(some kind of mix-up)

Purchasing new cord between my phone and my computer

and Groceries.

A nap

More Sequence, we are tied again 16 all.

My Morning and Evening of the fifty-second day.

June 30 – Day 51 – Friday

June 30 – Day 51 – Friday

Psalm 57:7
My heart is fixed, O God,
my heart is fixed:
I will sing and give praise.

It is fixed – it has made the firmest purpose through his strength by which I can do all things. Clarke’s Commentary

The tree tunnel on our way to Miami.

This is all the direction I need to know.

I-95 south looks like this for miles and miles.

Different variety of trees from those ‘up north’.

I-95 – Too many cars, too fast for too long
I’m always so glad to get to camp.

Hiway 1 – east coast
I don’t know what the number of the
center north/south highway of America is,
Now I ridden and driven on both
east and west Hiway 1s.

Larry and Penny Thompson Park & Campground, Miami, FL
our quiet place tonight through Monday night.

The camp is situated among many Mango trees.
Mangoes are falling all over the ground.
Many signs say ‘Do not take or pick the fruit’
so it rots.

The Morning and Evening of the fifty-first day.

June 29 – Day 50 – Thursday

June 29 – Day 50 – Thursday

Psalm 56:12
Thy vows are upon me, O God:
I will render praises unto thee.

I have promised in the most solemn manner to be thy servant; to give my whole life to thee; and to offer for my preservation sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. Clarke’s Commentary

Jekyll Island beach

Time to leave this island with its summer time atmosphere

If you go on a thimble hunt,
don’t stop in a shop whose owner
or whose owner’s wife collects thimbles,
you won’t find any!

Taking this bridge, again, to Brunswick, GA,

We went to 4 places,

two of which had collector’s
none had thimbles,
but I found this

in a drawer of an old sewing machine,
(it didn’t fit that machine).
Now I have a second bobbin
with ‘Georgia peach’ thread included.
I have seen this type of bobbin before
I don’t know the make or year machine it fits.

Oh, for all you Piddlers,

I found the bobbin here.

Another view of that lovely bridge

Uncle Darrel lived in St. Mary’s 20 years ago.
Since St. Mary’s was a short jaunt off our main route,
we took a drive through, seeing several antique shops
and stopping for lunch.
An interesting place.

Spanish moss creepily hangs from the trees, St. Mary’s, GA

Florida, bright, sunny, humid

This bridge crosses the Napoleon Bonaparte river

Down the other side.

Tomoka State Park was our stop for the night.

View from my window

The Morning and the Evening of the fiftieth day.