July 4 – Day 55 = Tuesday

July 4 – Day 55 = Tuesday

Psalm 60:4
Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee,
that it may be displayed because of the truth. Selah.

. Thus God gave them a banner or standard that it might be displayed, or lifted up; or rather, that they may lift up a banner to themselves, or encourage themselves with the confident persuasion that they are under the protection of God: because of the truth – the word of promise, which is an assurance of protection – like the giving me and my people a banner, the surest of pledges.”

Happy 4th of July!

The flag at the Snapper on Key Largo.

A driving day from Miami to North Fort Meyers
mostly on Hiway 41 through the Everglades.
California 41’s scenery was nothing like this.

Our day started with huge sprinkles for a few minutes.

Canals or bodies of water on one or both sides

of the road continuously through the Everglades

Many places offered air boat rides

there they go

Cypress trees with Spanish moss

Nor did I ever see a sign like this one on Hiway CA 41.

What I saw from atop the bridge

from Fort Meyers to North Fort Meyers

Sunseeker’s RV Park is our resting place tonight.

from rear window.
We saw no fireworks
but we did have an impressive thunderstorm.

My view, peaceful and quiet, before the storm

Sequence . . . Tied 24 to 24,
wouldn’t want to end the day with anyone ahead.

The Morning and Evening of the fifty-fifth day.

July 3 – Day 54 – Monday

July 3 – Day 54 – Monday

Psalm 59:17
Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing:
for God is my defense,
and the God of my mercy.

God is my strength; God is my elevation. My God is my mercy. I have nothing good but what I have from God. And all springs from his dwelling in me. God, therefore, shall have all the glory, both now and for ever. . . Clarke’s Commentary

Today we drove out on the Florida Keyes; Keyes is Spanish for island.

From Key Largo to Key West is 103 miles, slow miles.
We drove 35 miles from our campsite
to Key Largo for 23 miles further on Hiway 1.
We saw mostly solid commercial property
and went over a few short bridges;
some so short and slight we didn’t at first realize it was a bridge.
We didn’t go as far as the 3 or the 7 mile bridge.
We wandered on a few side streets,
seeing the homes and yards.
like everywhere else nationwide,
some were well to do and well taken care of,
others smaller, simpler and in need of care.

Do you recognize these pathos,

growing large and wild and free in the trees?

We had lunch at the Snapper, Key Largo, FL.,
on the deck overlooking the dock

where people could stop and have a meal.

These pictures were taken along our drive.

tree roots growing into the water

Five miles south of Islamorada is the most southern point of our journey.
Like so many vistas, pictures don’t do it justice.
You’ll just have to plan a coddiwomple of your own!

Correction the last Sequence score was tied 18, not 16.
at the end of this evening’s session tied at 24.

The Morning and Evening of the fifty-fourth day,