July 6 – Day 57 – Thursday

July 6 – Day 57 – Thursday

Psalm 62:2
He only is my rock and my salvation;
he is my defense;
I shall not be greatly moved.

Having God for my rock – strong fortified place, for my salvation – continual safety, and my defense – my elevated tower, which places me out of the reach of my enemies; I shall not be greatly moved – I may be shaken, but cannot be cast down. Clarke’s Commentary


Houseplants living in the wild

I’m hungry so many stops we passed

The blues were so blue
the clouds so white and grey and huge
and the greens . . . green
the hiway busy.

We are going WEST!

Back in Georgia

We have learned these stands of trees are
actually a harvested crop,

When ‘ripe’ the area is clear cut
and replanted, sometimes with pines.

Bainbridge/Flint River Campground, Georgia

the Farmer is ahead 34 to 32

the view out my window.

The Morning and Evening of the fifty-seventh day,