July 11 – Day 62 – Tuesday

July 11 – Day 62 – Tuesday

Psalm 69:1, 32
Save me, O God;
for the waters are come in unto my soul.

The humble shall see this,
and be glad:
and your heart shall live that seek God.

I am in the deepest distress. The waters have broken their dikes, and are just ready to sweep me away! Save me, Lord! In such circumstances I can have no other help.
Those who are low, pressed down by misfortune or cruelty, shall see this and take courage; expecting that thou wilt lift them up also; and thus the heart of those who seek the Lord shall be revived. Clarke’s Commentary

After a short sightseeing trip,
we bade Sis Spanogle good bye.

We finished up a few odds and ends,
ate our lunch and headed to Tuscumbia, AL.

Sights along our way.

We arrived at Heritage Acres Rv Park about 3:30.
the Farmer got the trailer unhooked

and we got to Helen Keller’s Birthplace

four minutes after it closed at 4:00 pm.
We walked around the peaceful grounds.

View from my window, not exciting but quiet.

The Morning and Evening of the sixty-second day.

July 10 – Day 61 – Monday

July 10 – Day 61 – Monday

Psalm 68:35
O God, thou art terrible out of thy holy places:
the God of Israel is he that giveth strength
and power unto his people.
Blessed be God.

He alone is worthy to be worshiped. Without him nothing is wise, nothing holy, nothing strong; and from him, as the inexhaustible Fountain, all good must be derived. His mercy over his creatures is equal to his majesty in the universe, and as he has all good in his possession, so is he willing to deal it out, to supply the utmost necessities of his creatures. Clarke’s Commentary


Sightseeing with Sister Spanogle.

Huntsville, Alabama has a lot to see and Sister Spanogle is a good tour guide.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens
I can’t begin to post all the pictures I took.

Dinosaurs are the special attraction for young and old alike.
The dinosaurs could move and roar.

Each year the special exhibit is changed.

We enjoyed the different plantings.

All the annuals are newly planted each year,

as are some perennials to have the best, freshest specimens.

The dragonfly and bat reminded me of Patrick’s metal artistry

I loved the water gardens and ponds.

Turtles in the butterfly house

as were button quail, natural pest exterminators

A garden cannot be complete without a blue-bottle tree.

We were taken down streets with homes built in the 1800’s,
through part of a cemetery dating back to the Revolutionary War,
and the largest natural fresh water spring in Alabama is in Huntsville downtown.

I was so hot, just wanted to wade.

If you ever go to Huntsville don’t miss seeing the
U. S. Space and Rocket Center

Some of the rockets in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
From left to right: Saturn I, Jupiter IRBM, Juno II, Mercury-Redstone, Redstone, and Jupiter-C.
Picture from Wikipedia

Space camp Kids made some

Amazing K’nex structures

Proof we visited the Center.

After walking over 7,000 steps, we took a break and rest.

Then watched the sun go down, from the deck of
Sister Spanogle’s daughter and son-in-law’s home.

We could see the Tennessee River,
the cities of Huntsville and Decatur,
airplanes taking off, lightening bugs flashing,
bats flying and heard cicadas singing(?).

The Evening and Morning of the sixty-first day.