Packing for a Journey

August 2, Wednesday

1 Timothy 6:17
. . . nor trust in uncertain riches,
but in the living God,
who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;

Who (GOD) not only has all good, but dispenses it liberally for the supply of the wants of all his creatures; and he does not give merely what is necessary, but he gives what tends to render life comfortable. He not only gives us a bare subsistence, but he gives us enjoyments.
When I pack for a journey-
it doesn’t matter if it is for a few days
or an around the USA marathon-
I invariably take the same type of treasures.

My Books

my Bible, a note pad, pencils and pens,
and at least 3 three books for pleasure reading

My own coffee cup, or two or three.

Can you tell I like red?
I’ve been known to bring a coffee maker
if I wasn’t sure there was one in the room.
I’ve brought my own flavored coffee, #1 hazelnut,
and usually a variety of tea bags.
A real plate and bowl, flatware and cloth napkins.
If I’m on vacation, even my casual dining,
i.e. McDonald’s is eaten from a china plate with a cloth napkin.
I don’t like paper or Styrofoam.

Candles – my favorite is Ginger Peach from Pier One.

My Pillow – and sometimes another

because I like to sit propped up in bed,
sometimes reading, sometimes handwork.

A hand work project,

knitting, crochet, counted cross-stitch or embroidery.
Usually two or three projects,
because I might finish one
and then where would I be?
I have even taken my sewing machine just in case.

Something alive.

Miniature orchids and African violets are my favorite.
They are hardy and the blooms last a long time.
This last trip I took a small pot of succulents given to me.
I don’t know why but they didn’t like to travel
and came home almost dead.

Audio books.
I love being read to while driving,
doing hand work and as I fall asleep.
Sleeping books are stories I know
and are like white noise, only better.
Imagine a picture of a phone,
that’s where my audio books are.

I like the balance of seeing and experiencing the new
while having the comfort of the familiar.