June 19 – Day 40 – Monday

June 19 – Day 40 – Monday

Psalm 44:1
We have heard with our ears, O God,
our fathers have told us,
what work thou didst in their days,
in the times of old.

The psalmist begins with recounting the marvellous interpositions of God in behalf of the Jewish people, that he might the better strengthen his confidence, and form a ground on which to build his expectation of additional help. Clarke’s Commentary

My Uncle Billy Ripley, my mother’s brother,
was discharged from the Navy in 1947

at Old Orchard Beach.

The sand was two-toned, the darker was
much more coarse than the light.

I really wanted to see his special memory.

70 years later –
Old Orchard Beach is a tourist town
with blocks of hotel/motels, eateries
and a large carnival boardwalk like Santa Cruz
with a much better beach

I got my feet wet

I went thimble hunting at a tourist type shop

I wanted a thimble with a lighthouse,
when I think of Maine, I think lighthouses.

A lighthouse and Old Orchard Beach

Portland Head Lighthouse

and the Atlantic Ocean

Three mile long, Crescent Beach

bay like bodega Bay with small waves

the holy donut, Scarborough, Maine

YEP! it’s a place to stop.

Donuts made with local mashed potatoes
King Arthur’s flour and no preservatives.

the Farmer’s on left Pomegranate frosted,
and mine Maple with real Bacon Bits.

the Farmer’s on left Sweet Potato/Ginger glazed
and mine Dark Chocolate/Sea Salt.

we tried Maine Lobster Rolls
(even Mickey D’s has Lobster rolls in Maine)

a grilled on both sides hot dog bun

filled with lobster chunks with a little mayo.

Sorry, Mainers, we were not impressed.

My view at Exeter Elm Family Camp,
Exeter, New Hampshire.

The Morning and Evening of the fortieth day.

June 18 – Day 39 – Sunday

June 18 – Day 39 – Sunday

Psalm 43:3
O send out thy light and thy truth:
let them lead me;
let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles

When thy light – a favorable turn on our affairs, leads us to the land of our fathers, and thy truth – the fulfillment of thy gracious promises, has placed us again at the door of thy tabernacles, then will we go to thy altar and joyfully offer those sacrifices and offerings which thy law requires, and rejoice in thee with exceeding great joy. Clarke’s Commentary


Sunday morning started with a drive around
Mount Desert Island, Acacia National Park.

I’ve never seen this type of rose.

It’s the Atlantic Ocean

A stop at L. L. Bean earned me a yellow rain slicker.

Thimble hunting in Ellsworth, Maine

We saw these plants on one of two a thimble hunt failures.

I love raindrops on plants.
Wasn’t entirely a loss, I think.

We saw these ‘pouches’ on many trees

Can anyone identify?

We finally arrived at our campground,
Cascadia Park, Saco, Maine,
It seemed like a long day!

From my window

The Morning and Evening of the thirty-ninth day.

June 17 – Day 38 – Saturday

June 17 – Day 38 – Saturday

Psalm 42:1
As the hart panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

“. . .Understand that when a hart is spent and sore run, his last refuge is to the water; and he will commonly descend down the streame and swimme in the very middest thereof; for he will take as good heede as he can to touch no boughes or twygges that grow upon the sides of the river, for feare lest the hounds should there take sent of him. And sometimes the hart will lye under the water, all but his very nose; and I have seene divers lye so until the hounds have been upon them, before they would rise; for they are constrayned to take the water as their last refuge.” – Tuberville’s Art of Venerie, chapter 40: Lond. 4th., 1611.


A little sadly we left Jim and Karen’s;
we’d enjoyed the peacefulness
of no trains in the middle of the night,
no freeway roars and
no bright lights making the night as bright as day.

Driving 20 miles north to Caribou,

at 12:45 pm we arrived at our northern most point of the trip.

Very smooth uneventful journey today, even kinda boring
as we were driving south through the same area
we drove north through two days ago.

Cloudy skies, temperature in the 60’s.

Foxglove grow wild along the roads.
So Pretty!

Mosquitoes that didn’t fly fast enough.

Ferns at our campsite.
KOA Bar Harbor, Oceanside on Mount Desert Island,
in the Acadia National Park
View from my window

Foggy, but it is the Atlantic Ocean.

The Morning and the Evening of the thirty-eighth day.

June 16 – Day 37 – Friday

June 16 – Day 37 – Friday

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Two are better than one;
because they have a good reward for their labour.
For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:
but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;
for he hath not another to help him up.

Today is our 50th Wedding Anniversary

So thankful we see a good reward for our labor.
and we had each other through life’s joys and
when life threw us a curve ball.

I’m partial to this Buick.

Jim, a car whisperer, listened to the Suburban
and determined the rear u-joint was going out
(one section was completely missing the bearings).
He and the Farmer took the car to repair shop
Friday night for a first thing in the morning repair.
Repaired by early afternoon for $85.00

Karen made chicken fried steak (yummy)with mashed potatoes
and gravy for our anniversary dinner with Jim, Karen,
Jennifer and her children ‘K’ and Jo.

Our anniversary gift from them,

their town Mapleton is where we left a little bit our hearts.

Window view picture taken Saturday morning;

the view hadn’t changed since we arrived.

The Morning and Evening of the thirty-seventh day.

June 15 – Day 36 – Thursday

June 15 – Day 36 – Thursday

Psalm 41:12
And as for me,
thou upholdest me in mine integrity,
and settest me before thy face for ever.

I am still enabled to show that my heart was upright before God.
Thou showest that thou dost approve of me: that I stand in thy presence, under the smiles of thy approbation. Clarke’s Commentary
Roddies by dump station









First things first – let the trailer take a dump.
Is that too much information?

We took the interstate 95 today
because we just wanted to get to
Jim and Karen Burell’s home in Mapleton, Maine

This is what the interstate looks like.

the Farmer says,
‘sometimes we take the interstate but not very often’
He still drove about 55mph,
even though the speed limit was 75mph.
I think he likes the slower pace.

Moose are a real hazard.
They are very dark, their eyes are black
and don’t reflect the headlights.
A car hits them about knee level
and the body ends up through the windshield.

Wind machines and ski trails, Mars Hill, Maine

Lots of  Potato fields in northern Maine.
School is let out for 3 weeks in October
because in times past high schoolers
helped with the harvest, not many do these days.

Many places along the way we would see dead tree sections like this

1051 miles from Niagara Falls, NY to Caribou, Maine,
the red circle shows we were still traveling.

Look for the house with cars for sale in the front yard,

That’s where Jim and Karen live.
We were warmly welcomed by Jim, Karen
and Jennifer, Karen’s daughter.
Good dinner, better visit and
went to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof.

Forgot to take a picture of the view
from the window until it was dark.

The Morning and Evening of the thirty-sixth day.

June 14 – Day 35 – Wednesday

June 14 – Day 35 – Wednesday

Psalm 40:16
Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee:
let such as love thy salvation say continually,
The LORD be magnified.

Let God be praised continually for the continual blessings he pours down. Clarke’s Commentary


We slept at a
quiet peaceful campground
when the harleys were asleep
where a gentle Snake river flows along
and little starving skeeters wait at the door.

I sprayed the screen with Avon’s Skin-So-Soft,
they all flew away.

We entered Maine at 10:40 am,
but didn’t get a picture of the sign
cause I was trying to get a last picture of NH.

I did get this one.

Beside huge Moose Pond,

a picture of the ski slopes.

Yep, barns in Maine.

Still kinda tired from yesterday,
so just drove taking our time
on the secondary roads
rather than the turnpike.

I’ve wondered why folks from the East
say our lives are so fast paced.
I’ve figured out one reason,
unless you are driving on the turnpike or interstate,
your speed limit is 50 mph, maybe 55.
Go through a town speeds drop down to 35 -25 mph.
They just don’t go anywhere fast.

Campground by Sebasticock Lake
nice breeze – few skeeters!

from the back of the trailer,
my window view was other trailers.

The Morning and Evening of the thirty-fifth day.