July 20 – Day 70 – Thursday

July 20 – Day 70 – Thursday

Psalm 79:13
So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever:
we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.

Of whom thou thyself art the Shepherd. Let us not be destroyed by those who are thy enemies; and we, in all our generations, will give thanks unto thee for ever. Clarke’s Commentary

New Mexico’s beauty to my eyes.

Hello Arizona, my old friend

At Holbrook, AZ on Hwy 40, we stopped for Lunch about 1120,
found out it was really 1020.
We ate any way.

Sign on restaurant wall.
the Farmer thinks this is true.
We did a little thimble hunting at a
Quilt/Antique shop, nice fabric , limited antiques.
no thimble except those packaged on the wall.

From hwy 40 we drove to the end of 377
to the end of hwy 277, turning right onto 260.
through the Apche-Sitgreaves national forest.
Signs starting on 377 and continuing,
state we were driving on the ‘Hash Knife Pony Express route’.

What a contrast to be driving through beautiful trees
instead of high desert (as high as 7200 elevation).

Acres and acres of forest

We found Chuck Code and Aunt Margaret’s home easily down this road.
WE had an enjoyable visit with Aunt Margaret
while waiting for Chuck returned from Phoenix.
Then we all went to dinner at Tiny’s,

the Farmer riding with Chuck in this.
Much conversation and laughter.

View from my window

The Morning and Evening of the seventieth day.