July 18 – Day 68 – Tuesday

July 18 – Day 68 – Tuesday

Psalm 77:13
Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary:
who is so great a God as our God?

I must go to the sanctuary now to get comfort, as I went before to get instruction. What a mercy to have the privilege of drawing near to God in his ordinances! How many doubts have been solved, fears dissipated, hearts comforted, darknesses dispelled, and snares broken, while waiting on God in the means of grace! Clarke’s Commentary


Getting ready to leave Oklahoma

Acres of cotton fields.

Hello Texas

Grey County rest stop is beautiful

Some of you many have seen the video from the rear of the the building.
A friend said ‘where are the trees?”
Yes, I, too, prefer trees!

A restroom is a storm shelter

I’ve never taken a picture of a rest room before
but then I’ve never seen one like this.
Isn’t the tile work beautiful.

Backside of the rest stop.

View from the back of the rest stop

Glimpses of Texas

I’m using the new-to-me computer.
I don’t have all my pictures transferred, Opps!
I’ll do the best I can.


We entered New mexico

Miles and miles of wind machines in rows.

Mountain Road RV Park Campground
on the minus side – No grass, few trees and no internet
on the plus side – cooler, less humic and quiet

We went to Mc Donald’s to post July 15th, 16th. and 17th
I almost had a melt down!
(I’m getting really tired and it must be time to get home.)
I had to use the new-to-me computer, Windows 10.
So I had to learn ‘NEW STUFF’ never an easy thing for me.
no Microsoft office programs, no word,
and no picture manager – I use this to crop and fix my pictures

the Farmer copied the blog file into Windows 10 Wordpad,
and my pictures into a folder on my desktop, so I could find them.
Word pad is different, boo.
I had to find a different app to crop and fix my pictures.
I also could seem to communicate what my problems were,
soooooo very frustrating.

Thankfully the internet connection was very strong
and the pictures uploaded quickly.
I did get it done, just before tears.

When we got back to the Tango,
I didn’t even turn on my computer,
my phone games and I went to bed.

My View (I didn’t even want to look)

The Morning and the Evening of the sixty-eighth day.